Welcome to Cyan 7 Systems
We are a internet systems developer specialized in designing and creating automated processes for organizations who wish to automate complex workflows that have a significant document requirement.
Since 1997, we have pioneered the development of web-based systems that automate the online creation of print items subsequently used in state of the art print-manufacturing applications. Our most widely used products - the Business Card & Stationery Systems are now used by many leading organizations to automate a previously very manual and error prone process.
As well, we develop custom multi tier workflow systems that allow our clients to deliver state of the art solutions to their markets. As recognized experts in PDF creation and manipulation, we focus on automation situations that require extensive document manipulation.

Web business processes a boon to small business !
The worldwide web has been transformational in our lives but these stunning advances have principally benefited people dealing with large national or multinational organizations like Google, Amazon, EBay, etc. Similar advances in functionality and automation have not trickled down to smaller organizations with regional or local customer bases because this has been cost prohibitive.
Cyan 7 has now harnessed these powerful digital workflows to make new automation models possible for small and medium sized companies. Our systems permit radical re-engineering of business processes that vastly improve your interaction with your residents' families, allow you to more effectively market your services, and enhance your profitability.
We are committed to helping you develop the online capabilities required to exploit an e-business world in a powerful and cost effective manner.

A history of innovation !
The principals of Cyan 7 have been responsible for some of the most important innovations in the printing and publishing fields over the past 30 years. They invented electronic imposition which paved the way to automated prepress solutions including large format imagesetters, CTP systems as well as demand digital printing systems.
Additionally, they have pioneered new online approaches to automated document publishing which have been implemented in various vertical markets.
Harnessing the internet to serve new document centric business models is simply a continuation of the pioneering work done since the mid 1970s.